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Concierge Services
We run your personal errands for you.
We are here to help you in your day to day life. Our Concierge Services include pickup and delivery of parcels, documents, Laundry items and personal Shopping. Whether it’s daily lunch delivery or dissemination of documents and parcels we have you covered.

Personal Errands
  • Product deliveries to your clients
  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Dissemination of documents and parcels
  • Grocery shopping
  • Dry Cleaner Errands

Corporate Errands
We understand how hectic a day can be for you trying to balance between normal work, business development, and upcoming events. To get the most out of your day, someone has to take care of you.
We are dedicated to help you ease your burden, and give you more time to concentrate on your core business.

Corporate Services
  • Stationary and office supplies
  • Bank and Post office errands
  • Document Handling
  • Tax Return Filing
  • Preparation of mailing documents
  • Employee Relocation
  • Paper Filing System

Express Overnight Delivery
Our network doesn’t stand still for a second. It runs at full steam, even through the night, so that your shipments arrive at their destination the very next day – 365 days a year, extremely quick, and 100 % reliable.To us, it’s normal procedure to pick up your shipment right into the evening and deliver it to its consignee early the next morning. Combined with our numerous standardised value added services, it all adds up to logistics solutions tailored precisely to your particular requirements.

The benefits:
  • very short regular transit times – evening pick-up, delivery the next morning
  • extra-late cut-off times, such as midnight as standard at our central HUB
  • lots of different scheduling options to suit your particular requirements, for both pick-up and delivery
  • pick-up service – we pick up your shipment from any address and deliver it to the address you specify
  • can be combined with numerous standard additional services: our value added services

Standard service:
  • by 12.00 p.m. on the next working day anywhere in Nairobi
Pick up*
  • by 7:30 p.m. in all business centres
  • by 6:00 p.m. in more remote locations
* The pick-up times shown are general target values. Enquire with us about the exact times.

Our additional services:
Time and scheduling options for pick-up:
  • late pick-up – by arrangement
  • night-time pick-up – for last-minute orders
  • weekend and public holiday pick-up – around the clock
Time and scheduling options for delivery:
  • early-morning delivery – by 8.00 a.m. the next day in all areas
  • schedule time frame from 30 to 120 minutes throughout the day
  • fixed delivery – within 15 minutes of the exact time
  • weekend and public holiday delivery – around the clock
Other additional services:
We offer a wide range of additional standard and specific services. We are also the express service provider you can count on with our industry solutions for special contents and customer-specific requirements.
Express Same Day Delivery
To get your urgent orders and deliveries there the same day, we always choose the quickest way.
The benefits:
  • the fastest possible delivery, generally on the day of shipping
  • We can advise you in detail and select the very best transport routes to meet your requirements.
  • advice on legal conditions such as load size / weight limitations by KENHA
  • We don’t waste time when you place orders either: you’ll receive an offer of transit time and cost very quickly.
  • ideal value for money by using scheduled connections
Contract Courier Service
If you need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly set collections and deliveries to or from regular destinations and locations then our Contract Courier Service can help you. We can provide a pre-booked regular, scheduled courier service for your deliveries and collections to give you peace of mind that your promises will be made on time.
As a business owner, operating your own fleet of delivery vehicles can be expensive, costly and extremely stressful. Organising regular deliveries and collections takes your attention from the core of your own business and slows down the growth of your own business.

Our team of contract courier service specialists can deliver your goods to your customers on your behalf, but we will treat each of your customers as if they were our own, offering a reliable, prompt, professional service and a friendly smile.

Why Use Our Contract Couriers Service?
  • Contract couriers will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.
  • Contract courier services will consolidate all your inbound and outbound mail and package processes and use least cost routing to lower your costs automatically.
  • Contract couriers can be an extremely cost-effective alternative to a nationwide mail supplier.
Our contract courier service can be used alongside any onsite implant services or mail managers.

By using our contract delivery service you will be guaranteed peace of mind and managed, budget-able costs. Our contract courier team will take care of the peaks and troughs of delivery volumes, planning, routing, holiday cover, goods in transit insurance and so much more. Not only will we collect the goods at the pre-arranged times of your choice but we will also let you know as soon as your packages have been delivered.
If your business requires daily parcel delivery or collections and you want a contract courier company that really cares then talk to our team of contract courier specialists who will be happy to help you. Our contract courier services can provide you with peace of mind as well as costs savings. Call us now to see how much we could save you.
Secure Courier Services
A courier accompanies the consignment - with suitable packages, he even carries the consignment as hand luggage The permanently assigned employee ensures seamless communication and reduces the number of interfaces. The processing is accelerated once again, in the event of deviations (e.g. cancellation of a connection) can be resolved immediately. This enables fast transport processing with a plus in security.

Mini warehousing
We offer space to ecommerce clients to rent and store there products. When the orders arise will provide immediate delivery to any part of the country. This will help the ecommerce clients serve their clients better and efficiently.

The merchandiser delivers the products to us, we code the products and input proper description with their help. Merchandiser do what they do best online marketing of their products and take up orders, they then pass on details of the product and client to us to deliver to client, we deliver the products to the clients and ensure payment is done on behalf of the client and bank the payment to their account by end of day. By the end of day we send a report to the merchandiser about the products delivered, money collected, customer feedback and stock remaining.

• Our storage spaces come in all shapes and sizes. You can upsize or downsize your storage space at any time depending on your business needs.
• we offer 24-hour secure access, 365 days of the year. This makes our mini warehousing service ideal for restocking as well as long term storage.
• With mini-storage there are no additional costs like utilities, maintenance or service charges. You’re only paying for the space, because that’s all you need.
• you can rent a storage space for as long as you like and you only need to give us 7 days’ notice. This is ideal for those tricky situations where you’ve got excess stock arriving immediately and need somewhere private and secure to keep it.
• We can help you determine what type of space fits your business best. Whether it’s e-commerce mini warehousing or something more substantial, we’ve got a space for you.
• Immediate delivery when clients place their orders.
• Less hustle especially for people who do online selling as a part time business….all you need to do is get the orders,
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